Tired of looking at your old pool as it slowly turns into a money pit instead of an attraction? Do you need to sell your home and your realtor told you it would be easier without the pool? Whatever the reason, if you are thinking about removing a swimming pool in Delaware than it is time to call in our expert team at Remove A Pool. Even though it may seem like a complicated process, Remove a Pool has pool demolition fine-tuned, and can efficiently and professionally remove your pool and leave your yard looking better than it ever did before.

What Happens During The Swimming Pool Removal Process

Once you decide to hire Remove A Pool for your Delaware swimming pool removal, we check and make sure that you don’t need a permit to do so. If you do, then we help you obtain the proper paperwork so that we can promptly move forward.

After the permit is resolved, we are ready to start the demolition process. You have the choice of either an abandonment demotion or an exhumation demolition. Both have their benefits, but the best choice is usually dependent on what you plan to do with your yard once the pool is removed. Remove A Pool will explain your options and talk to you about your future plans so we can help you make the right choice.

At the end of the demolition you will be left with a large hole, which we will fill with a mixture of rocks and dirt to ensure that your yard stays level and the new dirt doesn’t settle too much.

Cleanup Following Removing a Swimming Pool in Delaware

While the swimming pool removal is complete, your yard is not going to look quite the way you have envisioned yet. That is why Remove A Pool takes care of removing all of the debris that we pulled out of the swimming pool. We will collect it and take it to a facility that can recycle it, which is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Then, we will seed and straw over the newly filled swimming pool hole so that instead of looking at rocks and dirt you will see a uniform yard in a shorter period of time. Many of our Remove A Pool clients like this final touch because it really polishes off the entire project.