We’re happy with the men who came and the end result. Remove A Pool called me back quickly to do the estimate and gave us his paperwork showing his license and I think it was at least 10 references to call. He remembered us every time we spoke on the phone and kept in contact while the job was progressing. When I gave him the down payment, he took a picture of the check and the signed contract and sent it to me.

They came to do the job as soon as the weather cleared and we were next in line. The two guys were able to clearly go over the job with us. I recommend to be home if you can when they first show up, but I know they’d call if we hadn’t been. We were able to point out the plants we wanted them to be careful of (which they were and we really appreciate it!) and they could explain how the plan had changed for where the trucks would come through. Originally we thought they could come through our hilly backyard, but it’s quite hilly. Coming through the front worked out nicely because they seed and straw everything and the machines don’t leave big ruts and piles.

The workmen did a good job. They were courteous and conscientious. I couldn’t believe they really did get the job done in a few days.

S0 glad we have the pool gone and it’s graded so water runs AWAY from the house. Now we have a big open space for play and to have friends over!!!!