This summer, my family and I decided to reclaim our backyard and remove our in-ground pool and hot tub, that has gone unopened for many years.

I called Remove A Pool and they met with us immediately, not only to asses my pool, but my yard as well. They made me feel at ease with this daunting task of transforming my backyard. The outcome was amazing!!! Their staff was very professional, friendly and approachable, where as I would find myself engaged in conversations with them not only just about my pool, but about life in general.

During demolition process, they would frequently reassure me that my yard would be put back together because the whole removal process is quite messy, but it was temporary just like they said it would be. They worked very closely with me throughout this process to keep me informed along the way about what was going to happen and how long the project would take.

Upon completion, not only were my expectations were met, they were exceeded and my new yard looks absolutely beautiful!!!

In addition to having my back yard transformed, they were so accommodating, that I was also able to utilize their dumpster to clean a lot of things from my house instead of having to find a truck and go to dump. Also, there was some trees that they removed, which needed to come down.

Because of their diversity and ease to do business with, they saved me lots of additional money and increased my property value, in turn, to cover my investment of removing the pool.

I HIGHLY recommend using Remove A Pool if you have a pool that you want removed from your yard… you will not be disappointed.