Swimming pools go with summertime like vacations and backyard barbecues. But what do you do with the pool during the rest of the year? Sure, you can winterize it and then set it back up for use when the weather warms back up. That is a cycle that a lot of people start getting tired of rather quickly though. At that point, that pool that you loved so much in the summer months when you first had it installed into your backyard becomes little more than a nuisance. There is a lot of upkeep involved when you have a pool [...]




Having a pool in your backyard is undoubtedly a fantastic and fun thing, except when it's cold outside. An outdoor pool is one of those things that typically sounds a lot better than it actually is. Unless you live in an area where the temperature stays in the mid-eighties or higher, you certainly can't use your pool all year long. When you live in a place like Wyoming, Ohio, where the highest average temperature is in the seventies instead, having a swimming pool in the backyard swiftly becomes a lot more hassle and expense than it is worth. Pools require [...]


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Remove A Pool provides high-quality swimming pool removal services in Mt. Healthy, Ohio. Our highly trained experts are able to handle all of your pool removal and demolition needs. Following all safety protocols, we strive to remove your pool with minimal impact on your property. Removing a Swimming Pool Mt. Healthy, Ohio Every homeowner has a different reason for finally deciding to start a swimming pool removal project. The benefits of removing your swimming pool may be surprising. Free up property space for your next project. Save money by eliminating cleaning, repairs and maintenance expense. Decrease utility bills. Eliminate liabilities. Improve [...]

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In the past, owning an in-ground swimming pool was a popular part of homeownership. The decline of use, expense, and costly repairs has led many homeowners to rethink their swimming pool needs. Many homeowners decide to take the next to engage in Groesbeck, Ohio swimming pool removal services. If you are ready to remove your swimming pool, we at Remove A Pool are here to help. Remove A Pool offers high-quality Groesbeck, Ohio swimming pool removal services. Striving for customer satisfaction, our commitment begins with your first contact with us. Offering a free estimate, we go over all of your [...]


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Remove A Pool makes removing a swimming pool in Madeira, Ohio simple and hassle-free. As a dedicated pool demolition company, we've been providing homeowners with the professional, no-stress pool removal solution for more than 25 years. We work hard to deliver exceptional service to each of our customers that includes clear communication, transparent up-front pricing, and high-quality workmanship. We're confident that you'll love us and the work we do, and we stand behind every Maderia, Ohio swimming pool removal project we complete with our industry-leading 5-year satisfaction guarantee. It's our promise to you that we won't just demolish your pool [...]

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