Are you ready to change your landscape? Is your old, unused swimming pool a major obstacle in moving forward with your new plans for your property? Remove A Pool offers high-quality Lancaster, Texas swimming pool removal and demolition services. Using the top of the line tools, machinery, and highly tested techniques, our pool removal experts are ready to provide you with optimal results in preparing your property for your next project.

Decreasing costs, reclaiming your property for a new project or reducing potential hazards, everyone has a different reason for removing a swimming pool. Our Remove A Pool team has the ability and knowledge to remove your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool.

Free Estimate

Completely dedicated to our customers, Remove A Pool offers free estimate and consultation for removing a swimming pool in Lancaster, Texas. Providing high-quality customer service at each stage of the pool removal process is always our goal.

Local Ordinances and Permits

After you accept our low estimate, Remove A Pool immediately goes to work for you. Saving you time and money, we research local ordinances to learn the guidelines for removing a swimming pool in Lancaster, Texas. At this time, we also obtain the proper permits. Prior to beginning, we confirm all the paperwork is in place.

Swimming Pool Removal Process

Pool removal begins with ensuring the utilities are off. Next, we drain the swimming pool if needed. Remove A Pool offers two forms of high-quality swimming pool demos. Each one yields high-end results for reclaiming your property.

  • Complete Pool Removal: Our experts remove your entire swimming pool from your property. Complete removal allows you to build on the area without hindrance from your swimming pool.
  • Partial Pool Removal: Our specialists remove only the top portion of your swimming pool. The rest of the structure is left behind in the open cavity. The process is generally quicker and less costly.

Cleanup and Recycling

After demoing a swimming pool our team fills in the open space with gravel and topsoil. We want to ensure a clear, smooth area for your next property project. We offer prep and grading of the area if needed.

Recycling usable materials is a major part of our cleanup process. By engaging in recycling efforts we pass our savings on to our customers.

If you are ready for your free estimate or need more questions answered about removing a swimming pool in Lancaster, Texas, please contact us. Always professional, our Remove A Pool experts are ready to help you with all your swimming pool removal needs.