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In Allegheny County and the greater Pittsburgh area, in-ground swimming pools are generally considered an asset. However, there may come a time when a homeowner wants to get rid of their pool and return the area to its former, grassy appearance. Maybe, the property owners have grown older and rarely use the pool. Maybe they want to expand their house and need the pool area for that expansion, or maybe they just don’t have the time and money necessary to keep the pool in good shape. Whatever the reason, removing a pool requires the expertise, equipment and skill of a professional pool removal team.

What having your pool removed entails

At Remove a Pool, we have a strict set of steps we follow when removing a swimming pool. The first step is to do the necessary preparation, including obtaining the needed permits from your city and locating any underground utility wires or cables. Next, our Allegheny County PA removal team drills multiple holes in the pool concrete and allows the water inside the pool to seep gradually into the ground around the pool.

Once the pool is drained, our team breaks up the concrete into manageable pieces and hauls them to a nearby recycling center. Lastly, we fill in the void left by the pool with top soil and pack it down so there is little evidence that the swimming pool was ever there.

Benefits of hiring a professional pool removal specialist

HIring a professional pool removal team offers a number of benefits. The most important of these is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is being handled safely and correctly. In addition, working with a professional removal team offers…

  • Licensing, insurance and bonding. It’s essential for your removal company to have the proper insurance and bonding. That means that should an accident happen, you won’t be left having to pay for any medical bills or home repairs.
  • Recycling. We are dedicated to making sure that all of the materials from your pool are recycled where possible.
  • Clean up. We promise that we’ll leave your property as clean or cleaner than it was when we arrived.

Allegheny County PA swimming pool removal

Removing a swimming pool in Allegheny County or in other parts of the greater Pittsburgh area is not a good candidate for a DIY project. In order to complete the job safely and efficiently, you need the help of a removal team with the right experience and tools. To learn more about our Allegheny County PA pool removal services, contact Remove a at (insert contact info.) We are happy to work with all sizes and shapes of pools, from small wading pools to Olympic-sized racing pools.